Samurai and Bushido Code

Made by: Justin Manier

Samurai and Bushido Code information

Samurai were used in the Heian period. The word samurai means those who serve. They were warriors who fought on horseback, and had armor with a helmet. On their side, they had held a sword and a bow on their back. The stuck by a code, known in Japan as Bushido. It had meant the way of the warrior.

Effects of Samurai and Bushido Code

There is a lack of command because of the aristocrats. There had been a lack of purpose, until the new code, Bushido, and samurai. It had given men and boys more of a purpose and it changed how they lived. They stuck by the code so they had a purpose.


I have currently become a samurai because i needed a sense of purpose. There had been a lack of duty until samurais came along. I had several duty, but they depended on my placement. I had to protect our emperor at all costs, yet that is not all. I also would have to go into battle immediately if we were under attack or if we were accomplishing an offensive attack at the Emperors order.