Star of David

Alex Catone

Overveiw of Holocaust

This happened during the World War 2 it was an issue called the Holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945, and was lead by a man called Adolf Hitler. He led the increase of a hostile campaign of hatred and exclusion and systemized murder against the Jewish population. This is important today, because it leads to the government know that one race can't be superior to another race.

Definition/Background Information

Star of David

The Star of David was originally called the Shield of David which became the universal symbol for Judaism. The symbol appeared from the early 960's B.C. to the late 200's A.D.

Original Research Question

What did it look like?

It looked like a six pointed star dyed yellow with the word "Jude" which was the German word for Jew.

What was the point of it?

Nazis forced Jews to wear it on their clothing because it symbolized if they were a Jew or not.


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