Women Deserve Education and Shelter

By Hannah Slabach, Kennedy Moore, and Phoebe Schmidt

Reasons We Are Needed

In the Dominican Republic, there were 485 reported cases and 117 fatalities of domestic violence in Santo Domingo alone. The women and children are unable to leave these abusive situations because they don't have the resources to leave. Our organization can help these women and children to leave this horrible environments by giving them an education. Also we will provide them the basic skills that they will need in the work based economy. We can help these women and children lead a new and safe life.

"The day may be approaching when the whole world will recognize women as the equal of man." - Susan B. Anthony

The Help That Is Needed

Many girls in developing countries never have a childhood. In the year 2014 alone, fifteen million girls were sold before they were eighteen. In third world countries, 1 in 3 girls are married off before they are 18. Not only are young girls denied their freedom, but education. In some parts of South and West Asia, 80% of its out-of-school girls are unlikely to ever start school, compared to the 16% of the out-of-school boys. Young girls are denied their basic rights to education and simply being free.

Credit for the video

Credit goes to Jack Lee's House on YouTube

How We Plan On Helping

Our corporation, Better Choice, was founded for those very reasons. We have noticed the struggles that girls face in underprivileged countries. So, here's how we will give girls, a better choice!

Our group works purely off of volunteers and generous donations. We plan on working with women's shelters and missionary ministries (view below), to reach out to these at risk girls. The education these girls and women will receive will be provided by retired teachers, people who have degrees in teaching (but aren't currently working for a school), or part time teachers (also read below). We'll teach basic skills and plant a seed of education into their lives. Schools, colleges, and businesses can pay to volunteer for an hour or more, and learn what we do and how to help. But if the schools, businesses, etc. cannot afford to volunteer, they can donate supplies, make a cash donation, or write up lesson plans (allow us to teach about their company and what they look for in employees).

Ways of obtaining supplies:

  • Local drives
  • School donations
  • Buy the supplies with the cash donations we obtain
  • Donation boxes placed around town

List of supplies:

  • Clothing for girls
  • Higene and feminine products
  • Basic school supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.)

Organizations and churches we will work with:

  • Calvary Babtist Church (Oswego, Indiana)
  • New Life Church (Warsaw, Indiana)
  • Warsaw Community Church (Warsaw, Indiana)
  • Girls Not Brides
  • NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence)
  • Warsaw Community School System (as well as other school systems around the world)

"I don't mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is an education. And I'm afraid of no one." ~Malala Yousefzal