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Tips For Preparing For Estate Planning With a Lawyer

Preparing for estate planning with a law firm is important for ensuring a person brings all of the documents and information that will be needed. The Beress & Zalkind PLLC is dedicated to helping individuals with their estate planning so their loved ones will not be burdened with tax issues and probate problems. Proper planning allows a person's final wishes to be clearly documented.

What Should Be Brought to the Meeting?

Estate planning involves many different steps and is typically not completed in one single sitting with the lawyer. The individual will need to be prepared to provide all of the information their lawyer will need so the paperwork can be properly completed. The following are some of the most important documents to bring to the appointment with Beress & Zalkind attorneys at law.

Most attorneys have their client fill out an estate planning questionnaire that will help the attorney know which estate planning services their client will need. It is important this form is brought to the appointment and filled out in its entirety.

It is essential a person brings in information on all of their family members and loved ones, including those who will be named in the will. A person should bring in the name, social security numbers, contact information, and ages of all individuals.

A person will need to bring in information on all of the non-retirement assets they own, including bank accounts, real estate, investment accounts, stocks, bonds, and treasury notes they might own.

The individual who is going through estate planning also needs to make sure they provide information on all of their retirement accounts, such as their 401(k), Roths, and inherited retirement savings.

Information on all life insurance policies should be brought to the meeting to ensure these are provided to the attorney.

A person needs to bring in information on their property address, outstanding mortgage amounts, co-owners, and other pertinent information to their residential home.

A list of property such as jewelry, antiques, arts, cars, etc should be brought in to ensure they are documented in the will and dispersed according to the wishes of the individual.

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