Sensational Civilizations

Research Plan for Your E-book creation

Day 1

Make sure you know the civilization you are studying:







Open the Grapes Guiding Questions. Make a copy and put it in your Humanities folder. Keep this tab open to help you as you do your research. These are the questions you should answer.

Open the Grapes Research. Make a copy and put it in your Humanities folder. DO NOT RENAME IT. This is where you will be recording your research.

You need to complete two sections of GRAPES today (for example, G and R or P and E - it really doesn't matter what order you do them).

Look up general facts about the civilization and the category. Just read about it. If something catches your eye as important, record it in your notes. You must have a citation for each note. REMEMBER - YOUR JOB IS TO TEACH SOMEONE ABOUT YOUR CIVILIZATION. Don't use facts or information that your fellow students will not understand.

Day 2

You are continuing on with your research. Tuesday will be your last day in the media center.

You need to complete two more sections of GRAPES today. I will do a check on Tuesday to make sure you have finished four sections.

Remember - you can not use any websites! Everything must come from print resources - either my books or GVRL.

Day 3

This is your last day of research here in the media center. Complete your last two sections of GRAPES

Things to help you:

1. Politics is the same as government

2. Economics includes what they make/sell/grow, what they trade, where/how they trade, and money

3. Social structure is how the society is organized (For example: slaves, peasants, nobles, merchants, etc)

If you finish early:

1. Next class your group will be answer the Guiding Questions. You may go ahead and start on those if you'd like.

2. Next class your group will be defining the essential vocabulary. You may also start on that here if you'd like.

Day 4 - May 19th and 20th)

Today you are answering the guiding questions and defining the essential vocabulary.

1. Create a shared document with your group. Title it GuidingQuestions.Civilization.classblock (for example: GuidingQuestions.Egypt.B2). Everyone in the group should place it in their own Humanities folder. As a group, work together to answer the guiding questions (divide and conquer may be the easiest way). You will use these to write your E-book.

2. Open the Essential Vocabulary list. Create a shared document with your group. Title it Essentialvocabulary.Civilization.classblock (for example: essentialvocabulary.Egypt.B2). Everyone in the group should place it in their own Humanities folder. As a group work to define your words in language that a 3rd grader would understand. You will also use these books to create your E-book.

Day 5 - May 23rd and 24th

1. Watch the video on "Create an eBook with Google Slides".

2. Follow the directions on the video to create a shared Google Slides. Title it Presentation.Civilization.classblock (for example: presentation.civilization.classblock) Each person should put it in their Humanities folder.

3. Assign each group member an equal amount of sections in the book (if you have 3 group members, each person does 2. If you have 2 group members, each person does 3. If you have 4 or more group members, ask the teacher to choose a number to decide who will do extra). A great way to do this fairly is to write the sections on a slip of paper and draw.

4. Share your notes with your group members.

5. Write your section of the eBook. Here is my ebook on Medieval Europe. Remember to download it as a pdf to publish it when you are finished. I will explain next class how you will submit. You will present your completed e-Book next class, so work hard!

Day 6

Presentation Day!

Link your presentations here: GRAPES Presentations