WWII Communication

Public media

Public media

Public Media had a huge impact on public opinion as well.

Radios and Television would come up with creative ideas to get across their own opinions about the war and what they would think people would believe.

Public Media

All the commercials and songs on the radio and public speakers, everyone kept talking avout what they would hear and see and try to persuade people they knew to think as they did. So all of the ideas to persuade people and the ways that people really had to communicate all were impacts on how the war ended many of the ways of communication changed over time.

Concluion of WWII communication.

Letters Passed through out the war were way safer to do than talking and had a huge impact on the war. The types of ways people tried to persuade others really stuck in the mind of everyone who witnessed it. Communication had a huge impact on the war but a bigger one on the people who had an opinion about it.

So if there were no cell phones and no computers how did people communicate? People communicated through the proccess of persuasion and the use of public media to create public opinion. The use of letters in the war were also another form of communication. Over all communication had a big impact on the war and the opinions people had about it.