Child Slavery

By: Brandon Grizzle


Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. There are at least 30 million people that live in modernday slavery today. In 2001 in India alone there were 12.6 million minors between the age of 5 and 14 who are working. This number is actually significantly higher because childern are not resistered at child birth, and the owners want it to be secret. This has been going on for decades, but people just don't pay attention to it.

Causes/history/contributing factors

In East Africa for the past two decades the rebel army has been enslaving childern. They start enslaving children as young as 7 years old.The children are used as soldiers, sex slaves, and baggage porterts. There is an estimated 40,000 estimated child slaves in East Africa right now. The war is called the forgotten war. The goverment has done very little to stop this on going war over the past decades, but while westerners still know very little about about this on going epidemic it is sure to continue.


The effects of child slavery is that it puts fear in little kids and in fearful parents that dont want to lose their children. After to 2010 earthquake in Haiti it left tens of thousands of kids as orphans. This now made Haiti a hotbed illegal child abduction. That would lead to harvesting their organs to sell on the black market. Around 70,000 kidneys come from the black market a year. The people who buy these kidneys are people who either can't afford the normal operation, or people who are unable to survive by waiting on the waiting list for one.


The solutions would have to come down to how willing people are to change. Childern who are apart of child slavery know no other life than being a slave. So they do not know that what is happening to them is wrong, and also illegal. Police officers in areas where slavery is high have been found attending parties where peoples slaves are forced to dance. And as long as we do nothing to stop child slavery, nothing is going to stop child slavery from happening.


So in conclusion, Child slavery is the forgotten war, that has been going on for decades. Even here in the United States there is an estimated 50,000 slaves. And 17,500 are trafficked. There are more slaves now than there was in the United States dark history.

The children are not treated as part of the family, they are kept in isolation and are subjected to physical and sexual abuse. This could be going on next door and you would never know. So out of our worlds 7 billion people, 30 million are slaves, and for our modern day life that number is way to high.

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