All About Gorillas



Gorillas are large gentle apes. They are like humans. They are almost endangered. They are very interesting animals.

Gorillas are like humans.

Gorillas are strong. They are so strong they are stronger than six men. And gorillas

arms are one foot longer than a man.Gorillas have bigger muscles than a man. And 98.7% of a human.

Body features

Gorillas have a big stomach which digest vegetables. They have small ears close to the skull. And they have no tail. And finally gorillas have a broad chest which can be over one meter wide.

Where do all of the gorillas live.

Mountain gorillas live in Rwanda Uganda. Lowland gorillas live in the tropical forest. Eastern gorillas live in the tropical forest of eastern Zaire Africa. The Western gorillas live in jungles of Africa continent.

Strong Conclusion

Now you know all about gorillas. And that they are fastening animals. And if you want to know where I got the information read on.