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Discovery and Discussion

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Curiouser and Curiouser--Alice's Adventures in DiscoveryLand

Third grade Discovery Program students at Sicomac and Coolidge Schools will be using their imagination and creative problem-solving skills to help Alice and her friends escape sticky situations. Along the way, they will learn more about mathematician and university professor Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), his logic puzzles, the world in the nineteenth century, nonsense poetry and parody, and the real Alice. This promises to be a great adventure for all involved.

To facilitate the process, we would appreciate if parents could donate cardboard, newspaper, egg cartons, string, tape, and any unusual items that our engineers can use for their imagineering. Thank you!

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TED-Ed Clubs Connect

Next week, some of our TED-Ed Clubs will be having virtual meetings with students from all over the United States and India. This is always a great opportunity to learn more about others and to see how truly small the world can be. In the past, TED-Ed students have meet with students in countries ranging from from Canada to Cyprus to Cameroon. This is always a great occasion. Students are in the process of discovering their passions and learning what makes an idea worth spreading.
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Discovery Program Projects

Discovery Program at Coolidge and Sicomac Schools

Fourth and fifth grade Discovery Students start each class by sharing wonders that they've researched during the week. Our discussions are deep and exciting. We are analyzing ways to expand these topics into multilevel investigations so that students will be able to frame their inquiries for larger research projects. I look forward to seeing where our explorations will take us!
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Volunteer for the Inquiry Fair!

Our Inquiry Fair, highlighting the achievements of Discovery Programming students, will be held on June 1, 2016 at the Wyckoff Public Library. More details will follow. We are looking for parents, staff, and other community members to serve on various committees, including technology, preparation, keynote speaker and refreshments. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in helping. Thank you!

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Student Reflections

Discovery students from Lincoln School and TED-Ed Students from Coolidge and Washington Schools reflected on their experiences. Their annotated processing forms were sent home with them. Please be sure that you have had a chance to read them. Washington School reflections will be sent home by January 25. Thank you!

Teacher, Gifted and Talented; Director for The Summer Institute for the Gifted, The Hudson School, Hoboken, NJ

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