ANOREEN'S Daily Reflections

Learning at lee

January 5, 2016

Today was a wonderful day because I got to meet new people like kavya and jordyn and Saanvi and minne and nainika and a lot more people and today was the best day ever because

Janary 5, 2016

monday a good day becues I got to sett with new people I have never sat with and that is a challage

January 5, 2016

Today was good we got to learn what come and take it means it is very interesting becues it is from 1890 and we got to learn about science

January 14

What would make Mrs. W happy not have to say lower your voice

January,15 2016

Today we have a essay and we have to write about wher we want to go when we are older and I want to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower and that's my day

January 19 ,2016

My day was very good and today it went very fast today and we have Plc today I even got to meet the enrechment teacher and she is new and she is trying to know ever one in school that must be hard to meet all the house up stairs houses and down stairs and I even got to see a lot of people and mis Williams cat got asthma I feel so sorry for here cat and that is my day

January 20, 2016

Today was a good day we even got to do a experiment. wher we got a flash light and the parts wher not together and we put them together and made the flash light is was awsome

January 26,2016

What would make mis.williams happy is a clean room and nothing on the floor and I thank that would make her happy do u like your teacher happy I know I do ?

January 28,2016

What we did is we learn about energy and we did Mackey makey is was so fun and we even got to chair and Mrs.Williams won it and that was cool

February 1 ,2016

What we did today is we did mind mishon and we made flags and we learn stuff and we readed a book

February 2 ,2016

The best part of my day is g.o.b. Why I liked it because it challenges you to learn stuff you did not know and that is the best part of my day

February 5, 2016

Today was a good day because we got to go to the book fair and do our wish list and we even did a math assament and we all so did the 100 day of school menu

February 8, 2016

Today was a good because we got to see a magic show it was cool and his book got on fire and did not bern and he was funny

February 9,2016

Today was a good and we got to touch Iren

February 10,2016

Today was a good and we got free cookie from Mrs. Williams and 5th grade soled cookie

February 11,2016

Today was a wonderful day we got to go to P.E. It was so fun and Mrs. Williams joined us in P.E. and we had a jump rope compilation and Mrs. Williams won and I was surprised that she would win and today Mrs. Williams tricked us into doing a math problem and she said she would buy it and we even got bring a stuffed animal

February 16,2016

Today was a very good we got new math zone and we also learned about electricity it was a fun day today

February 17,2016

What I learned today is gallon quart pints cups and measurement and we even got to learn about area and perimeter and we learn the G trick with measurement and we learned length and metric and customera and that is my day

February 18,2016

The best part of my day is that we got to do our social studies and that is the best part of my day

February 19,2016

Today was a good day what we learned about is meagerment and math and writing and that is my day

March 4,2016

Today was a ok day we had a sub today and we did a reading righting workshop and we went to art and apex cam to our class