Healthy Life Style!

Learn about what you put in your body

Is it true?

Processed margrine is better than natural butter. Margrine is less calcories than butter but is much much worse! It contains large amounts of processed oils and other trans fats added, but butter is all natural.

Low Density Lipoprotien vs. High Density Lipoprotein


  • Makes up majority of body's cholesterol
  • High levels are BAD
  • Builds up plaque


  • absorbs cholesterol
  • GOOD cholesterol
  • reduce risk of stroke, heart disease


Condition of being over weight


above a weight cosidered normal or desirable

Under Weight

below a weight considered normal or desirable

The Body using Energy

Where do we get it from?

  • Stored Energy
  • Glucose (sugar) immediate energy
  • Carbohydrates -long lasting energy
  • Aerobic exercising
  • Body's fitness

10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle!

10 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Living- How to be Healthy?