New parent information

By paden gallardo

What your baby looks like

New born babies are born with baby hair called lanugo.

They are very small and come out with rashes.

Babies also have an oddly shaped head.

Bonding with your infant

You can read to your baby.

Sing songs to then it makes them happy.

Play with them and play with their toys.

Appropriate toys

  • Age appropriate
  • Tightly constructed parts
  • Cords 12 in. or less
  • Painted with non toxic chemicals
  • Rounded edges
5 examples of toys

  1. Toy mirrors
  2. Rattles
  3. Baby balls
  4. Squeeze toys
  5. Picture book

Pros/cons of breast feeding


  • Creates a bond between mother and child
  • Gives baby important nutrients they need
  • Always available
  • Free
  • Helps the mothers to lose weight

  • Breast fed babies have to be fed more often
  • Some medications from mom can be passed through breast milk
  • You don't know how much they're actually getting
  • You have to actually watch your diet

Pros/cons of bottle feeding


  • Anyone can feed the baby
  • You make all the bottles you need

  • Formula is expensive
  • Have to use bottles and nipples
  • Have to use certain formulas

First foods for a baby

Always start with baby formula or breast milk.

Start with baby cereal or the rice cereal at like 3 months.

Puréed fruits at 8 months.

Regular milk at 1 year.

Characteristics of a healthy child

  • Good appetite
  • Bright eyes
  • Clear skin
  • Active/alert
  • Teeth in good condition
  • Noisy
  • Sleep good

SIDS prevention and crib safety

SIDS prevention

  • Always put baby asleep on back
  • Don't put toys or blankets to sleep with baby
  • Use a pacifier during sleep time
  • Don't smoke when you are pregnant
  • Don't baby asleep on sides
Crib safety

  • No gaps larger than two fingers between side of crib and mattress
  • Don't use cribs older than 10 years
  • Follow instructions when building crib for max safety