Clinical Psychology

Evelyn Ramirez

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness and disability. (formal definition)
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High school preparation:

- take sociology and psychology classes

- participate in clubs that do volunteer work

- volunteer out of school ( shelters, local hospitals, businesses with a lot of people)

College options

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Daily tasks and responsibilities

- meet with patients and discuss their problems

- diagnose patients and treat them

- make goals for the patient

-monitor the patient's progress


The median annual salary of a clinical psychologist is about $68,900 but the salary depends on the work location and experience.

Education needed

- have a 4 year undergraduate degree

-earn a bachelor's in sociology or psychology

- have a master's degree in psychology

- when in clinical psychology it might take about 2 years to complete

- to earn a doctoral (PhD) it make take about 5/6 years

- internship and residency might be needed

Career Advice on becoming a Clinical Psychologist by Claire C (Full Version)

Work environment

- may work alone or have a private practice with other people

-private practice equals setting your own schedule

- can work in hospitals,schools, clinics, rehab centers and or mental health centers

Job outlook

The job outlook for Clinical Psychology is increasing by %19 ( to the year 2024)