Christopher Reeve A.K.A Superman

By: Carter


The well known Superman comes to rescue a man who is getting cornered by suspicious people who have weapons pointed at the man the the man of steel swoops down POW! BANG! The next thing the men know all them are tied up and their victim ran away and here a siren. Have you ever heard of Christopher Reeve A.K.A the first superman. In September 25 ,1952 Christopher was born, and died 2004 Mount Kisco from cardiac arrest. When he was four, his parents divorced. His mother moved with sons Christopher and Benjamin to Princeton, New Jersey, and his mother married an investment banker a few years later. "Chris was extraordinary," his mother recalled to anAsbury Park Press reporter. "He was endowed with a great many extraordinary talents. He had a wonderful mind, wide-ranging interests, a willingness to take risks. He was an athlete and scholar with a passion for acting, which began very, very early."

Christopher Reeve - Superman 3D Tribute EXTENDED

The Big Disaster

In May of 1995, Reeves had a jumping accident. His hands were tangled in the horse's bridle and he landed head first, fracturing the uppermost vertebrae in his spine. Reeve was instantly paralyzed from the neck down and unable to breathe. Prompt medical attention saved his life and delicate surgery stabilized the shattered C1-C2 vertebrae and literally reattached Reeve's head to his spine. After the incident he gained courage because of it and because of it he built a foundation to help people who also suffered as he did. He helped pass the1999 Work Incentives Improvement Act, which allows people with disabilities to return to work and still receive disability benefits.


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