Beginning of the Year 2018

in the HH Library



A lot of this is on the library page as well but just so you know ...

PreK-1 will start with 1 book and get start getting 2 in a couple weeks after good habits about book care and returning books on time have been practiced.

2 will get 1 book the first week or two and then get two books.

3-5 will get 2 books and then move to 3.

Students may come during recess or at an appropriate time after finishing classwork to trade out books, even if it is not a class "checkout" day.

Library Resources

You also have access to electronic resources 24-7!

In order to access all digital resources students (Overdrive ebooks or audiobooks, Pebblego early reader nonfiction reference, Tumblebooks, Encyclopedia Britannica reference sources, etc) will go to Launchpad. This can be accessed from the top right of the main NEISD page or from the library webpage.

Username: first initial + last name (up to 10 letters) + last 4 digits of ID number @ (no spaces or + signs when entering online)

Password: Full student ID number

For Overdrive you can use the stand alone app (with the same log in). They have great device specific help videos.

If you as a parent would like to check out library materials (either print or electronic) please fill out this link and Ms. Oliverson will be in touch.

So my video embed is being very strange. I made it just after the holidays last year so my phone background is holidayish but the idea about how to use Overdrive is still there. Facepalm emoji about why it is not embedding like it is supposed to. Technology. We love it when it works.

Fall Bookfair

Our fall bookfair will be held in mid-October during the week of parent-teacher conferences.

Your young readers will have several opportunities to walk through the library and choose books they may want to purchase. We can accept cash, checks made payable to Harmony Hills Elementary, or credit cards. We do have to collect sales tax at the bookfair (this is different than the monthly book clubs).

The volunteer sign up is already available at this link. We need your help to make this fair a success! There are slots the Friday before (Oct. 12) to help set up as well as all during the week of the fair to help with shopping, and then that Friday afternoon to help take it down. You do need to create a free login in order to sign up ... that is so the system can email you to remind you. You can email Ms. Oliverson and she will just put you in but you might not get the reminder that way.

Literary Pumpkin Patch

For those who REALLY like to plan ahead ... the literary pumpkin patch will be held in late October. You'll get a hard copy of the flyer around bookfair but an early peek at the electronic copy can be found here.