Meadow Brook Staff Newsletter

Week of November 18

Quote of the Week

“At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”
-Denzel Washington

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Monthly Hattie's Highlight

Each month we will highlight some of the most effective instructional strategies identified by John Hattie.

The first strategy we would like to highlight is COLLECTIVE TEACHER EFFICACY. This has the LARGEST IMPACT on student achievement!

Collective Efficacy is rooted in Albert Bandura’s concept of self-efficacy. Collective efficacy is a group’s shared belief in the capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given levels of attainment. Bandura found that the positive effects of collective teacher efficacy on student achievement outweighs the negative effects of low socioeconomic status.

When educators share a sense of collective efficacy, school cultures tend to be characterized by beliefs that reflect high expectations for student success. A shared language that represents a focus on student learning as opposed to instructional compliance often emerges. The perceptions that influence the actions of educators include "We are evaluators," "We are change agents," and "We collaborate." Teachers and leaders believe that it is their fundamental task to evaluate the effect of their practice on students' progress and achievement. They also believe that success and failure in student learning is more about what they did or did not do, and they place value in solving problems of practice together (Hattie & Zierer, 2018).

This Week:

  • Monday: (A day)
  • Tuesday: (B day) LOCKDOWN DRILL @ 1:30--Free Lunch! *provided by Southeastern-- MBI Band Concert 6-8
  • Wednesday: (A day) Staff Meeting @ 3:20
  • Thursday: (B day) Coffee Truck @ 7:15--6th GRIT assembly
  • Friday: (A day) 5th GRIT assembly

Important Updates

  • We have so many kids who have shown GREAT GAINS in their STAR scores. How are you celebrating their growth?
  • Lockdown Drill- Close locked door, more away from sight, maintain silence, turn off the lights, take attendance, do not open the door (*Refer to your poster)
  • GRIT assemblies are THIS WEEK! Please make sure you call and let parents know.

Things to look forward to:

11/11-11/22-- STAR Testing Window

11/18-- Freddy's Night in Yukon

11/19-- MBI Band Concert @ 6pm

11/20-- Kona Ice

11/20--Staff Meeting @ 3:20

11/21-- PTSO Coffee Truck out front for all staff! @ 7:15am

11/21-- 6th Grade GRIT Assembly (Live to Give)

11/22-- 5th Grade GRIT Assembly (Live to Give)

11/25-11/29-- Thanksgiving Break

12/6--Mindset Matters Time *adjusted schedule

12/18--Staff Meeting @ 3:20

12/19 -- 6th grade GRIT Assembly (We are Connected)

12/20 -- 5th grade GRIT Assembly (We are Connected)


  • Students should have a quiet testing environment and quiet book to read if they finish earlier than classmates
  • Students do their BEST when they know what they are aiming for! Do they know how they scored on the last STAR test? Do they have a goal?
  • MONITOR progress! Has your team determined adequate progress? Have they reviewed the Mustang Estimated Goals to know where their students are going and what it's going to take to get them there? Here is a link to our estimated goals... Mustang Estimated STAR Goals 2019-20
  • Give students FEEDBACK! Let them know prior to the test that you will let them know how they did as soon as possible! They need to be able to determine if they met their goal!

Tell me something Good!

WAY TO GO ROBOTICS!!! Thank you Mrs. Madrid, Mrs. Baca, Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Clanahan for all the hours you put in to get these kids ready.

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PLC Folder

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Thank you for all your hard work!

At Meadow Brook we have GRIT.