Regular Board Meeting

July 15, 2021

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CONSENT AGENDA: Items: 6.a.1. through 6.d.44.

*All Consent items were routine and approved., EXCEPT for item: 6.d.27.

6.a. Board of Education/Superintendent

6.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 6/16/21

6.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 6/17/21

6.a.3. Adopt Minutes - 6/18/21

6.a.4. Adopt Minutes - 6/25/21

6.b. Administrative Services

6.b.1. Ratify Agreement – Knorr Systems, Inc. – Norte Vista High School

6.b.2. Ratify Agreement – Weka, Inc. – License to Use Empty Lot at Child Nutrition Services

6.b.3. Renew Agreement – Myers-Stevens & Toohey – Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Program

6.c. Business Services

6.c.1. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 01 - 2020-2021

6.c.2. Accept Gifts & Donations – June 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

6.c.3. Approve Agreement - The Liquidation Co. (TLC)-Auction Services for Surplus Personal Property

6.c.4. Approve Warrant Listing for the month of June 2021

6.c.5. Report of Receipts for June 2021

6.d. Educational Services

6.d.1. Approve Contract Renewal - Quality Teleservices, Inc. (QTI) - Valcom

6.d.2. Approve Contract Renewal- Blackboard, Inc. - District-Wide

6.d.3. Approve Contract - California School Management (CSM) Consulting, Inc., E-Rate Consulting Services, Letter of Agency (LOA)

6.d.4. Approve County of Riverside Department of Public Health Injury Prevention Services Agreement

6.d.5. Approve Agreement with Riverside County Office of Education IN70077 - Infant/Toddler Program

6.d.6. Approve Client Services Agreement–Sunbelt Staffing, LLC

6.d.7. Approve Cooperative Agreement - The Regents of the University of California's The Puente Project

6.d.8. Approve Educational Institution Staffing Agreement-Maxim Healthcare Solutions

6.d.9. Approve Professional Services Agreement– Abby Rozenberg, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

6.d.10. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Augmentative Communication Therapies (ACT)

6.d.11. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Beth Ballinger, O.D., Newport Beach Developmental Optometry Group

6.d.12. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Boss Graphics, La Sierra High School

6.d.13. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Brent Cooper, El Paseo Children’s Center

6.d.14. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth and Families, Expanded Learning

6.d.15. Approve Professional Services Agreement– Galaxy Speech Care, LLC

6.d.16. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Goodwill Industries of Orange County, Inc. DBA Assistive Technology Exchange Center

6.d.17. Approve Professional Services Agreement - Gunn Psychological Services, Inc.

6.d.18. Approve Professional Services Agreement - Haynes Family of Programs-S.T.A.R. Academy

6.d.19. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Language Network, Inc.

6.d.20. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Leaps & Bounds Pediatric Therapy Services

6.d.21. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Professional Tutors of America, Inc.

6.d.22. Approve Professional Services Agreement – RISE Interpreting, Inc.

6.d.23. Approve Professional Services Agreement – SenseAbilities, Speech Pathology, Inc.

6.d.24. Approve Teletherapy Professional Development and Platform License Agreement– PresenceLearning, Inc.

6.d.25. Approve Agreement – Agile Sports Technologies, Inc., Hillcrest High School

6.d.26. Approve Agreement – All Star Events & Venues, Hillcrest High School

6.d.27. Approve Agreement - Community Now - PULLED

6.d.28. Approve Agreement – Curriculum Associates for iReady Digital Reading and Math Diagnostic and Instructional Program

6.d.29. Approve Agreement – Curriculum Associates for iReady Digital Reading and Math Diagnostic and Instructional Program, Professional Development

6.d.30. Approve Agreement - Digital Scepter - Sentinel One

6.d.31. Approve Agreement - Document Tracking Services (DTS)

6.d.32. Approve Agreement - Empower You Edutainment

6.d.33. Approve Agreement – Literacy Partners, Arlanza Elementary

6.d.34. Approve Agreement - ManageBac, Inc. - Norte Vista High School

6.d.35. Approve Agreement - The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts

6.d.36. Approve Agreement – School House Photo LLC., Promenade Elementary

6.d.37. Approve Agreement - Six Flags Magic Mountain, Norte Vista High School

6.d.38. Approve Agreement – Swank Movie Licensing USA, Arizona MS

6.d.39. Approve Event Agreement - The Eagle Glen Golf Club, Norte Vista and La Sierra High Schools

6.d.40. Approve Maintenance Service Agreement – Burtronics, Norte Vista High School

6.d.41. Approve Services Agreement - AVID Center

6.d.42. Approve Service Agreement – The Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative, LLC.

6.d.43. Approve Yearbook Purchase Agreement – Walsworth Yearbook Companies, Loma Vista MS

6.d.44. Approved Memorandum of Understanding - 5-Star Students LLC, La Sierra High School


7.b.1. Award Bid No. CNS 2021-22 Child Nutrition Services Purchase of Paper Goods and Supplies

7.b.3. Award Contract – American West Pizza Group DBA Pizza Hut – Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement for 2021-2022 school year

7.b.5. Approve Purchase - Intelli-Tech - District Wide

7.c.1. Approve Personnel Order No. 01-2021-2022

7.c.4. CONDUCT PUBLIC HEARING – Public Disclosure of the Memorandum of Understanding between Alvord Unified School District and the Alvord Educators Association

7.c.5. Approve Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Alvord Unified School District and the Alvord Educators Association

7.c.6. Approve Revised Certificated Salary Schedule – 195 Workdays


7.b.2. Adopt Resolution No. 1 – American West Restaurant Group DBA Pizza Hut – Piggyback for 2021-2022 school year

7.b.4. Adopt Resolution No. 2 - NASPO Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement

7.b.6. Adopt Resolution No. 3 - Office Solutions - Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement 7.b.7. Adopt Resolution No. 4 - Southwest School & Office Supply Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement

7.c.2. Adopt Amended Annual Resolution No. 52 – Teacher Assignment/Misassignment Monitoring

7.c.3. Adopt Resolution No. 5 – Elimination of One Classified Management Position

The Regular Board meeting adjourned at 6:17 p.m.

All of the information in this brief is public information and can be shared as you feel necessary.