February 24, 2023

Important Dates

  • MARCH 12TH - Sunday - OPEN HOUSE
  • MARCH 13TH - Monday - NO SCHOOL

FISH FRY!! Sign-up now available

It's almost Fish Fry time!! Not only does the fish fry support our school but it is an excellent way for families to earn their service credit hours. Check out our SignUp Genius to schedule your spot to help!!


The 8th grade field trip to see "Encore" is fast approaching on March 2nd. If you have not done so, please turn in your permission slip and $35 fee ASAP.


Camp was a blast. The kids had fun participating in outdoor activities such as building a shelter, looking for Petoski stones and team building exercises. The weather cooperated all the way to the last day.

If you still owe a balance for camp, please send this in ASAP. Emails were sent out a few weeks ago. Thank you!


So many of you help support the school by bringing in your VG's receipts and we sincerely thank you! Unfortunately VG's will be closing this program, effective March 1, 2023. Thank you to all who have donated their receipts. They add up and were a great support to our school.



Nash Haupt- Nash is so sweet and kind. He has great manners and always uses them with his teachers and friends. He is friends with everyone and gets along well in any class situation. He has worked so hard to learn a lot already this year, and I know he will continue to work hard. Nash has been a pleasure to have in class.

Wyatt Braun- Wyatt is quiet, gentle, and has a huge heart. He doesnt say too much but when he does it is either encouraging or something funny. He always has a story to tell about his Sissy, Mom, or Dad and you can tell he loves his family. Wyatt is learning more everyday and I am enjoying teaching him.

Ava Cherro- This is my second year having Ava and this year has been just as great as last. She is kind, friendly, and gets along with everyone. She is such a good listener and loves to learn and try hard things. Ava is thoughtful and is always aware of my friends feelings and does what she can to be friendly to all her friends. I am so glad I got to have Ava for two years.


Owen Chaffin is this month's Student of the Month for Kindergarten. Owen recently had his sixth birthday. He has a younger brother who is 3 years old. An activity Owen enjoys doing is playing Putt-Putt with his family. He also likes going to the beach. Pizza is Owen's favorite food. When he grows up, Owen would like to be a Gamer. He would also like to visit Japan.


Sophie Tucker is a smart, spunky first grader. Her favorite food is ramen. Her favorite part of school is eating lunch here. Sophie is involved in gymnastics, dance (poms), and drama club. When she grows up, Sophie is thinking about becoming a teacher or an artist.

Eli Phelan is a bright, thoughtful first grader. HIs favorite food is pizza with cheese and pineapple. His favorite part of school is the work, especially math. Eli is involved in hockey and theater. When he grows up, Eli wants to be an engineer like his dad.


Carson Schneider is in the second grade. Carson is a hard worker and enjoys coming to school. His favorite color is red and his favorite food is chili cheese fries from Ted's Coney Island. Carson plays baseball and football. He also enjoys watching hockey games. One of his favorite family vacations is when Carson went to Cincinnati and Kentucky. While on vacation he went to the zoo and watched his cousin play in a baseball tournament. I forgot to mention that Carson is really good at math, he is learning division. I'm so proud of Carson and all of his hard work. Way to go, Carson!

Vanessa Valente is in the second grade. Vanessa is kind and works well with the other students. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite food is plain soft tortilla shells. Some of her hobbies out of school are dance, tap, and horseback riding. One of her favorite vacations is when she went to Disney World with her family. When she was in Disney she liked going to Animal Kingdom. She also enjoyed going on the rides. I'm so proud of Vanessa and all of her hard work in school. Way to go, Vanessa!

Vinnie Valente is also in the second grade. Vinnie gets along with everyone and is well liked by his classmates. His favorite color is blue. Some of Vinnie's favorite foods are pasta, chili dogs, and beef stew. Vinnie is in football and baseball. His favorite vacation was spending time with his family at Disney World. His favorite part of the vacation was when he went to Magic Kingdom. I'm so proud of Vinnie and all of his hard work. Keep up the good work!


Our star student for 3rd grade is Isaac Arlow. When not at Holy Cross, Isaac loves to do karate. His wants to be a black belt one day. Issac’s favorite subject is math. If given the chance to watch TV, he likes to watch Sponge Bob. Issac loves cats! One of his favorite things to do in his free time is to pet his cat Ozzy. Isaac is great at art and his favorite color is red. When snacking, Isaac loves to eat gluten-free pretzels. Holy Cross is blessed to have Isaac as a part of our community!

The other star student for 3rd grade is Eli Gryszkiewicz. When Eli grows up he wants to be a police officer. His favorite subject is gym. Eli’s favorite snack is mini muffins. When watching TV, he likes to watch SonicX. Eli’s favorite color is red. When not in school, Eli plays baseball. He is also part of the HC drama club! You can see him in the Lion King next month as Banzai. Holy Cross is lucky to have Eli as a part of our family!


Angelo Taravella is a wonderful 4th grade student! He loves math, reading, and religion. He recently began to altar serve at mass, and does so with such reverence. Angelo enjoys singing country music, playing soccer, fishing, and taking care of his chickens. Angelo loves to write and is currently writing an informative essay on soccer. Additionally, Angelo is very helpful and caring amongst his classmates. He always takes the time to help put a smile on a friend's face! Keep up the hard work, Angelo!


Leo DeVeny is a hardworking student who is always looking for ways to help others. He holds the door open all the time for his classmates, and anyone else coming his way. He is kind and responsible and is a great example of Jesus to others. He works well with others but can also work independently. He also does a good job of keeping Mrs. Gormley on track when she goes over on time! We are blessed to have him!

Luciana Meldrum is another student who has a special place in our classroom. She is kind, rarely gets in an argument with another student, and tries hard to treat everyone the way she would like to be treated. She works hard in school, and is always looking for ways to improve. She’s not afraid of hard work, and certainly not afraid to ask for help. She gets along with everyone and is well liked by her classmates.


Rylee McClure- Rylee is an outgoing, wonderful young lady that is a friend to many. She shows concern and compassion for others and is always willing to help out when needed. She shows great creativity and determination to do well at whatever she sets her mind on.

Blake Schocker- Blake is a kindhearted young man who is very easy going and friendly. While he can be on the quiet side sometimes, he has the ability to let loose and have fun, especially with his friends. He tries hard to do well and isn’t afraid to help others when needed.


Allie Maykowski is one 8th grade student recognized for the month of January. Allie is such a sweet young lady. She amazes me with her intuitive nature and perception of people and worldly events. She is fascinated by human nature and the beauty of people. She likes to delve into the emotions of people and how they interact with each other. Allie plans to study psychology because the human mind intrigues her. Allie plans to attend CMC for high school. Allie’s favorite book is The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. Allie’s favorite subjects in school are religion and ELA. When asked who Allie looks up to, she replied,” I look up to mothers because they are strong. I also look up to my Grandma because she is confident.” Allie is like sunlight in the classroom, she shines very bright!

Miles Dixon is one 8th grade student who is being recognized for the month of January. Miles is very helpful and courteous. He said to me this year,”Mrs. Johnson, I have learned so much in your class.” Miles says things that have meaning and substance. Miles will attend CMC for high school. He enjoys playing golf and would love to play pro golf for LIV or PGA. Miles enjoys ELA and math because of the teachers. Lord of the Rings is Miles’s favorite book. If he could travel anywhere it would be to South Africa with his family. He looks up to the older members in his family because he feels they are very wise. I have watched Miles mature into a well-rounded, thoughtful, intelligent young man. I am very proud of Miles!


Compass for Parents

The Family Ministry Team at the AOD recently launched a new resource for parents - the Compass website. Compass is an online catalog with resources for parents to accompany them through the joys and trials of family life. An article about the project can be found here. The catalog already has 150 entries, but it will continue to grow over the next 18 months to include original videos, articles, and content for parents of children at every age from birth through young adulthood. Please share this helpful resource with parents.

52 Sundays for 2023

52 Sundays is a weekly resource to help parents reclaim the Lord’s Day for faith and family. This year, 52 Sundays is available online and is free to access! This all-new digital format includes downloadable PDFs and a podcast, making it easier for parents, catechists and teachers to use and share the content. Learn more and subscribe today to receive weekly content!


One of our giving opportunities is through Amazon Smiles. The company has decided to retire the program, effective Feb. 20th.


An email went home to all families today regarding AOD tuition assistance opportunity for the 23/24 school year. The deadline is March 31st. If you did not receive this email please let the office know and we can forward it to you. For the application please click HERE.


With the science fair and other presentation opportunities coming up students will need tri-fold display boards. We have them here in the office for $4.00 each. If interested please stop by the office.


Looking for an opportunity to earn service credit hours? Now it is easier than ever to sign up for BINGO. Bingo does not require PGC workshop and is in the evening for those that find it hard to find available time during the day. If you want to help, sign up via the following link.

PTO Corner

Interested in what PTO is up to and what events to mark on your calendars? Check out the “PTO Particulars” flyer HERE!

Next PTO meeting is Tuesday, February 7th at 6:30pm via Zoom. Join us! Just let Sunni know your email so she can get you the Zoom dial in codes.


The annual Holy Cross School dinner/auction will be here before you know it!! Be sure to mark it on your calendars. 04/22/23 @ 6:30pm.

Reminder: If you have not turned in your basket or $80 auction donation please do so ASAP. Thank you.


“Holy Cross Parent Group”

on Facebook

Here it is:

The group will serve as an online forum for parents / grandparents /guardians to:

· Ask questions;

· Share information (community events, sports tryouts, camps, educational opportunities, etc.);

· Donate items to each other (HC spirit wear, school supplies, etc.);

· Share PTO news and fundraiser information;

· Share other school news, internal pictures, newsletters, etc.;

· Showcase upcoming school events.

This will be a private group, and parents are invited to request admittance.


VG's Receipts: CLOSING MARCH 1, 2023 - Thanks to everyone who continues to save them for us. Please keep saving the entire VG’s receipts, including the “Direct Your Dollars” paragraph. (Sorry--“e-receipts” are not accepted.) We’ll continue to collect receipts until the store tells us to stop! Drop off receipts at the school office or at the rectory.

Box Tops for Education: Just a reminder about “how to” digitally save those little box tops….download the app, scan the receipt, and you’ve done it! For details on the new program, please go to:

Please do continue to clip and send in “Box Tops” with good expiration dates: they are very strict about dates, however, and expired “Box Tops” are not honored.



Lunch menu - click here!


Free/Reduced Lunch Application



To find a session that fits your schedule, go to and select “First Time Registrant.” Then choose “view list” of class sites, and choose “Detroit.” Scroll through to find your session, then go back to the top of that page to create your login.



The SCRIP office is open Fridays 7-9am and Mondays 5-6pm.

Not quite sure how SCRIP works?--call Tammi Walker at 810-531-3458




Paul Burger at 734.837.5807