WHPE December Update

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Enjoy the Holidays!

Hi everyone!

This is the first monthly newsletter that I will be putting out. First, thank you Jo Bailey for all the great ideas and leadership over the last two years. She gave me a crash course in how to do this online newsletter. I plan on having these come out about the 15th of the month each month. Jo has agreed to help find content but if you find any content you think we should share, please let me know! This one is content lite, so please send ideas!

I keep hearing from all over the state how difficult this fall has been with all of the changes and not least of which was Educators Effectiveness and SLO's. You spend all your time during the week with your students. Don't forget to take time for yourself and your family. Unplug, get out and exercise, get more sleep than we usually do, just have a great break and enjoy the holidays!

Lastly, we are a little late but you can still try the 12 days of Fit-Mas! See below!


Brett Fuller

WHPE President

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Using What? Why? and How? in PE and Health

Terri Drain, a NBCT and Southwest District Teacher of the Year from California, uses three simple questions to focus her students during her classes: What are we learning today? Why are we learning it? and How will I know when I have learned it?

Joey Feith recently blogged about using these questions on ThePhysicalEducator.com - click on the link to learn more about how this strategy can enhance student learning.

Road Trip! Using accelerometers to travel around the USA

Lynn Hefele from New York has embarked on an exciting project. Using accelerometers purchased with a grant, her 3rd grade class is moving their way, in PE, at recess, and through classroom activity breaks, around the US. The exciting part is that the class is meeting up with other PE classes along the way, learning about their state, culture, and the various activities they participate in and learn about during PE. So far the class have visited Jim Deline's class in Texas and are currently on the way to Colorado. The students will be making a stop in Wisconsin as well to meet up with Crystal Gorwitz's class in Hortonville! To read more about this adventure click here and watch the video presentation Lynn took to her school board (which her students presented!)
Taking a Virtual Field Trip Using Accelerometers

Looking for Kid Friendly PE Standards?

Kevin Tiller recently put together a kid friendly poster for each of the 5 National Standards for Physical Education. He has kindly made these available to all physical educators - you can download them from his website, physedreview.weebly.com Check out Kevin's sport education posters as well while you are there!

Take a Teacher Selfie!

As we move closer to the halfway point in the school year, checking in with yourself and reflecting on your practice as a teacher is a very valuable exercise. This blog post focuses on 9 questions to guide you watching yourself teach. Click on the link above to learn more.

Dice Dash!

Check out Mike Graham's Dice Dash activity below!
Head Honcho/Dice Dash

Hot Topics in Health Education and Physical Education

Wednesday, March 4th, 8am

La Crosse, WI, United States

La Crosse, WI

Hi everyone,

Save the date for a one day WHPE/DPI co-sponsored event. We will have four break out sessions covering hot topics in health education. At the same time and in the same location we will have hot topics for physical education.

A flyer will be coming out to all members in the near future so save the date!