Police Dogs

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Different jobs for dogs

Dogs do different jobs for law enforcement. Most dogs patrol with police officers to sniff out drugs, suspects, and even find hidden drugs in places like airports, schools, office buildings, and meeting halls. Patrol is the primary duty of many police dogs. The dog always accompanies the officer, and when they get a call, the dog comes with the officer.
Different jobs

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Different types of calls

Sometimes,they have calls to break fights, but one day, officer Jimenez and his four-year-old dog Falco, were called to check on an assault with a deadly weapon in a home. Falco growled when he saw something and saved his officer's life.
Types of calls

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What dogs are used for in police work

The reason we use dogs for police work is because of their sense of smell to track down bad things. They are very helpful. On the officer's command, the police dog begins a search. When the dog finds someone or something,it barks and stands guard. The ability to flush out crime suspects is matched by the ability to find illegal drugs. The very presence of a dog can prevent physical confrontations. When a conflict does arise, dogs are faster and stronger that most humans, able to catch a fleeing criminal and clamp down with their powerful jaws to apprehend the suspect until other officers arrive.
What dogs are used for

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Where you might see police dogs

You might see police dogs at airport terminals to make sure no one is trying to get away with anything like carrying a weapon, hiding drugs, etc. They even search cars for drugs. It takes the police dogs about one minute to search the car than taking twenty minutes for a human officer. When bags are being loaded onto the luggage carousels, the dogs jump from bag to bag searching for drugs, weapons, etc. At John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, a police dog named Mojo began pawing and biting a bag being unloaded into baggage claim. His behavior signaled that he had detected illegal drugs.
Where police dogs potrol

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what types of dogs you might see as a police dog

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not every type of dog is suited for police work. German Shepherds, Labradors, and Belgian Melinois are the most common breeds for police work. But the one breed you will see most of the time are German Shepherds.
Police Dogs

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