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January 21, 2021

Hope you are able to enjoy Panera tonight from 4-8! See flyer for details.

1/21 4-8 Family Night out at Panera 20% comes back to Fern Hill! Order ahead online with code PRFUND or mention Fern Hill Fundraiser at checkout!
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Thank you for taking the time to complete the COVID-19 checklist each morning. Please be sure to reach out to Fern Hill's school nurse, Mrs. Wendy McGregor ( if you have any questions. Also, please notify Mrs. McGregor if anyone in the household is not feeling well, has been exposed or has tested positive for the virus.

Schedule for the Week of January 25th:

Monday & Tuesday 1/25 & 1/26: Cohort A in school, Cohort B remote, 4/5 day students in school

Wednesday, 1/27: All students remote, 5 day students in school

Thursday & Friday 1/28 & 1/29: Cohort B in school, Cohort A remote, 4/5 day students in school

Tech Issues? If technical issues arise during remote learning, please use the following resources:

Tech Support @ Home – WCASD website with important information:

  • Schoology / Seesaw Support
  • Laptop / iPad Support
  • Additional Resources

If there is an issue with your 1:1 device please email

Reminder from the Nurse

Please remember to notify the teacher and the school nurse if your child has a positive Covid test or has a direct exposure to a person testing positive for Covid, even if it occurs during remote learning. You can email Wendy McGregor, RN at We greatly appreciate everyone in our community following the safety protocols and keeping each other safe during this time.

January Calendar

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Reminder Sign up for the 2020-21 FHE Yearbook 2020-2021: Hardcover $21 but you can set up an account and not order a book and just share your "School Day" Pictures.

School Passcode: 1015983535492295

Upload 1st Day(Virtual/Cyber/Hybrid) homeschool, Halloween Costume-Party-Drive By Parade, Holiday Party, and SNOW Day pictures to help with our yearbook memory pages.

PLEASE SNAP A FUN PIX OF YOUR STRONG BOBCAT and upload that to our Bobcat Strong Folder!

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Upcoming Events

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Click link to place your order: Or Email:

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WCASD Counseling and Mental Health Professionals Service Guide

We recognize that our students at home may feel isolated. Please know that one of our main goals is to help your children feel connected to their teacher, classroom and Fern Hill! Our district has a Counseling and Mental Health Professionals Service Guide to provide supports and resources if your child is having a difficult time through all of this. This guide provides Counselor and Mental Health Professionals' contact information, services, important forms, and additional resources for parents of students Kindergarten through 12th grade.

WCASD Technology Support at Home

The WCASD created a Technology Support site. It is a great one-stop technology trouble shooting page.

Request for assistance - remote and cyber students

In an effort to provide additional support for students and parents during remote learning, the district has created a Request for Academic Assistance form for each of the WCASD schools. Students, parents and faculty may complete a form on behalf of a student who is struggling with attendance, work completion or social/emotional learning. This form will be reviewed by a member of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team (MTSS) to determine the available resources that can be provided. While the form is available, we still recommend reaching out directly to your child's teacher to discuss any concerns.

Fern Hill Request for Assistance Form