Hunter Safety

by Joe DeBoth, Bobby Tilot

Hunter Safety Intro

There are many hunting accidents every which are in most cases preventable. One key to this is focus, if you let your eye off your weapon bad things will happen. Another is responsibility as it's your responsibility to make sure your gun is unloaded and never pointed at someone else. One more, is intelligence because, if you don't know your gun you will not operate it properly accidents will happen. Those points are the keys to keeping safe in the woods.
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Hunting accident Stats

28 accidents were reported by Wisconsin's DNR, 4 of which were fatal.

Their are 4 rules if hunter safety.1. Treat every fire arm as if it was loaded. 2 Keep your finger off the trigger till ready to shoot.3 know your target and whats beyond it.4 Always point your mussel in a safe direction. These are prevention's because if everyone follows these rules no one will get hurt.

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Make sure your always secure to your tree stand

29 accidents 4 people died

Your 105 times likely of getting injured playing tackle football than hunting

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Hunt smart, you'll come back safe