in Athens, Greece

McDonalds' Menu

The following main course menu items will be available in our McDonalds restaurant:

Greek Garden- Tossed salad with black olives, onions, and feta cheese.

Double Spanakopita- Double spinach pie with flacky crust.

McGyro- Roasted lamb with tomatoes and onions wrapped in a soft pita bread.

Athens Dolmathakia- Stuffed Grape leaves with rice and herbs.

Zeus Burger- Beef patty stacked with feta cheese and onion with tzatziki sauce.


Greece Cream- Creamy Milk mixed with whip cream, vanilla, and sugar.

Krepes Sokalatas- Smooth Chocolate drizzled onto baked crepes.

The Greek Delight- Seasonal fruits mixed together like pears, apples, necterines, and honey


KaFEH de Greek- Grounded powder with water.

Achilles' Tea- Black Tea which will find your weak spot and make you beg for more.

Dress Code

Women must wear bright violet chitons and males will wear indigo chitons since the McDonalds will be in Greece we would like to pay pilgramage to the Ancient Greece fashion.

Women must wear their hair confined in nets and men must have short hair with little facial hair, and men with mustaches must make sure to have a beard.

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Building Design

The McDonalds in Greece will be a smaller replica of the outside visual of the Parthenon with the McDonalds title carved into the front with letters from the Greek alphabet. The Greek columns will be able to hold the international large golden arches representing the "M" for McDonalds which will be placed on the very middle onto the top point of the Parthenon.
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