Edgar Allen Poe

By Amanda Deitz & Sarah Ratliff

The top three works of Poe

The Summarized Life of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born January 9th, 1809 in Alexandria, Virginia. When his mom died, he lived with John Allen the merchant and his wife. He went to The University of Virginia in Charlottesville when he was 17 years old. He then went to West Point, but was kicked out because he failed his duties. After he was kicked out of West Point, Poe went to write for newspapers and magazines. He then married his cousin, Virginia Clemm, when he couldn't find a magazines to work for. When Virginia died, he wrote one of the best poetry in literature, The Raven, which people say was his greatest achievement. He died soon after that, and nobody really knows why. It could be sickness or it could be the loss of his wife, nobody knows. He was 49 years old.



Today I am going to the University of Virginia. I know it won't be bland. I do hope that I won't get kicked out. This school is a real spectacle. I really like it, compared to the drab boarding school I went to for five years. I hope that here, I can find a good career.


Today I got kicked out of West Point. I wasn't happy there. But my unfathomable stepfather, John Allan, would't let me go out. That is why I failed my duties. I now know that John Allan won't let me come back, so I've gotta find a place to live now.


Today I have created my best work, The Raven. I am sure it will go down in history as the greatest piece of literature in America. It has a man who wallows because of the loss of his wife. Then a raven comes. You will have to read it to understand it.

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