Child Homelessness

presented by Devoshia Jones

Why Does A Child Always Grow Up Without A Home?

Child Homelessness is really bad for young children.

This is terrible to see that children grow up without a home.Without a home is a really hard time cause you can't watch TV, no computer,or no video games.It's really upsetting to see a child out there on the streets asking for a home.We will try the best we can to help children find a home.

These are some pictures of child homelessness

We need to put a stop to this child homelessness

Children Needs A Better home

It's wrong to just sit their and watch a child inside a box for shelter.It makes a lot of people so upset that it just makes them want to cry.Every year a child grows up but they don't have a home.I can not bare to see a child sit there in the rain crying in a box.That's why child homelessness is a pretty hard time to live.