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Friday - March 20, 2020

We Miss You Guys!!! - TEAM MEADOW

Good Morning!

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Thank you, Mr. Doublestein, for pulling us all together!

We Miss You Guys!!!!

E-Day #5 Message

Good Morning, Boone Meadow Community -

We close out the week with a day with your child's teacher leading the lessons. In addition to keeping the various lessons running smoothly, creating messages, and connecting with your student, teachers have also been working on student progress reports (report cards). The report cards will be available in PowerSchool mid next week. More details to come.

A few items to note:

  • School Closure until May 1st - Yesterday afternoon, Indiana Governor Holcomb announced that throughout the State of Indiana, schools will remain closed until May 1st. He appeared a little skeptical that we would return before the end of the school year. We never intended to become an online school, but our team is learning how to elevate these online experiences every day. Our team is already working on our response plan to Gov. Holcomb's announcement. Once we solidify more details, we will gladly share more.
  • Community Challenge - "Chalk the Walk" - Let's keep our chin's up. Yesterday's morning message encouraged families/students to leave inspirational chalk messages and/or pictures on sidewalks in your neighborhood for others to see when they go out for a stroll. It sounds like some neighborhoods might already have some plans for something similar. That's fantastic! Post encouraging sidewalk messages HERE. (more info below)
  • Related Arts rotation - Please don't forget to have your child engage in their Related Arts experiences. Wellness, Art, Music, STEM are all important expressions and experiences for your students during these days away from the schoolhouse. We want to continue supporting well-rounded, whole-child development. (more info on rotations below.

Be well my friends.


Chalk the Walk

As you create or stumble across inspirational chalk messages in your neighborhood, take a photo and share them here for all to see.

Related Arts Rotations...

Today, 3/20/2020 –

  • First Grade – Wellness;
  • Second Grade – Music;
  • Third Grade – Art;
  • Fourth Grade – STEM

Next week's Related Arts Rotation:

3/23/2020 – First Grade – Music; Second Grade – Art; Third Grade – STEM; Fourth Grade – Wellness

3/24/2020 – First Grade – Art; Second Grade – STEM; Third Grade – Wellness; Fourth Grade – Music

3/25/2020 – First Grade – STEM; Second Grade – Wellness; Third Grade – Music; Fourth Grade – Art

3/26/2020 - First Grade – Wellness; Second Grade – Music; Third Grade – Art; Fourth Grade – STEM

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