Mayan Civilization

By: Bailey and Elizabeth

Summary :)

A small group of men traveld to Guatemala to find fossils or stones. Instead they found the ancient Mayan civilisation. In the civilisation there were statues. These statues repersented thier leaders and chiefs. Reaserchers found that the Mayans were very olden days. Meaning that they had an old scince of style. The group of men soon started finding personal belonging such as cooking pots and bowls. The Mayans had great cities and towns. After about three weeks they collected their data and left. When the group got home they arranged a time to get together to put the rest of the missing pictures to find what caused the Mayan civilization.

Map :P

Questions and Answers

  1. How did Stephen and Catherwood record their early findings at copan? Stephens was a travel writter witch inspired him to keep a journal.
  2. What where some keys to decoding ancient mayan glyphs? The calendar their writing and their construction.
  3. Why did the maya preform so many rituals to satisfy their gods? The Mayans preformed so many rituals to have their crops and important items blessed.
  4. Do you think it’s important to explore and understand Mayan remains? Explain your answer.......( Yes because you could get a lot of money if you study the remains and find some facts)


The Mayan civilization was found in a rainforest in Guatemala. The Mayan civilization grew for about 2,000 years and then came to a stop.The Mayans got most of thier limber and wood from the woods near by. Around 250 A.D there was a terible drout that caused the animals to die. When the animals died there was nothing left for the Mayans to hunt. 40 to 50 years ago the Americans thought that the Mayans were nice and loving. WRONG!!!!! The Mayans were mean and violent.