Mobile Learning Apps

Jazz up your Science Classroom by incorporating iOS Apps

Chemistry Formulas

Chemistry Formulas, as the title might suggest, provides its users to easily and quick method for looking up a variety of formulas. Chemistry Formulas also includes a periodic table, common ions and their charges, equations and constants, chemistry fundamentals, and more.


The Elements is available for $19.99 in the iTunes store. This iOS application includes every single element on the periodic table in three-dimensions. The Elements also provides in depth information on each element’s properties and particular uses. Flashcards are also included with the app to allow for quick and efficient mechanism for learning each of these elements.
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Solutions is especially useful for students studying chemistry, and other sciences. This iOS application is helpful when calculating volume and weight, conversions, molecular weight calculations, as well as the amount of chemicals required for a specific experiment.

Atoms in Motion

The student version of Atoms in Motion is available for free for iOS users. This application enables users to discover the fundamental nature of matter by controlling atoms, and environmental conditions in a simulation of particle theory. Specific adjustable conditions include, temperature, container volume, and increasing pressure.

Chemist - Virtual Chem Lab

Chemist is a virtual chemistry laboratory, enabling students to experiment with a variety of solids, liquids, gases, solutions and equipment. The latest version of this app, updated in February 2016, is available for both iOS and Android. Although $11.99 can be a bit pricey, it is well worth it! Frequently schools do not possess the necessary resources required to work in the laboratory, using Chemist students will have access to over 200 chemical reagents and work in a risk free environment. Furthermore, Chemist will construct reactions and provide its users with the appropriate equation, as well as generating a lab report upon completion of the experiment that can be shared with your classmates, friends, teachers, etc.
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