tears at the airport


Have you ever held back your tears in public because you don't want to be "that person"?

I have to admit, I have too many times, but I'm learning to let it go (and no, don't start singing the Frozen song) . . .

The tears flowed freely today at the McAllen airport as I said bye to my parents and my cousin Matthew (Thanks for coming to say bye Matt!).

No shame tears, that was for sure!

And as I walked through the TSA/security line, one of the TSA workers saw that I was crying . . .

he looked back and asked, "is that your family back there?"

I nodded my head yes and struggled to get words out but said,

"I'm heading to Peru for 10 years as a missionary and won't be back until I visit in 3 years".

To which he responded with,
"Wow! . . . wow . . .

Well ma'am, I have no doubt that God is going to bless you and be with you!

Thank you for what you are doing!"

There was something about this complete stranger speaking these words over me that hit me.

Yes! There is most definitely NO DOUBT that God is going to bless and be with me!

What I'm living out is what He asked me to do, what He created me to do and what He's been preparing me to do!

The PRESENCE of the Living God goes with me wherever I go!

I would lie if I would say that tears stopped after receiving those words from the TSA man . . . but the tears flowed with a renewed assurance that God is going before me and that He is WITH ME!

I'm currently sitting at the Lima airport, waiting for my flight to Piura that leaves at 6:10 am . . . 5 more hours, woo hoo!

Thank you to each one of you that has cried with me, laughed with me, encouraged me, affirmed me, corrected me, financially support me, prayerfully support me and through all of that, love me.

I invite you to pray for me this month, that as I step onto northern Peru soil, I may stay connected to the Caller, be led by the Spirit and always seek to worship the name of Jesus!

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