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This is What's STATpening

Dates and Schedules

1/18 MLK Day No School- Woo hoo.

1/19 Professional Study Day

  • Here is the link with the schedule for the day: AGENDA
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers will split (3 go to math, 3 go to ELA)

1/20 STAT Cohort Visit

  • Walkthrough will be from 2:15-2:45 with a focus on math instruction in grades 3-5
  • The principals and STAT teachers have a schedule (Karen Harris: principal at Fort Garrison created the schedule: Womack, Sokolowski, and Pfeifer)

1/21 MAP Testing starts

  • Headphones still an issue? Please get me your #'s by today!


  • MATH teachers: there will be a mostly mandatory PD on this day given by Vicki Rippen and Tricia Sokolowski with a focus on math collaboration and planning

  • Everyone else: Using BCPSOne Discussions; The Ins and Outs of Wonders

  • If there are other topics that you think still need to be addressed, PLEASE let us know (Guided Reading is coming in February)

We said "See Ya Later"...

Yesterday was a sad day for us all as we said farewell to Kerry. It was amazing to see all of the students and teachers lining the hallways to send her well wishes on her new chapter. I think the most touching moments were those she shared with the students she has worked with and built relationships with over the years. For some of those students, she may have been one of the few positive lights in their lives. For some of those students, she will be the educator they remember for the rest of their lives.

Not only did she have positive relationships with students, families, and teachers, but for the past few years, Kerry has been the driving force in the integration of technology in our classrooms. Without Kerry we may not have had wireless mice, projectors, laptops, Mimio pads and teach bars, a website, Edline, Promethean boards, Elmos, a Race for Education...the list goes on. And that's just the tech part. Kerry was pushing for STAT before STAT was ever STAT. She has certainly been an inspiration to me.

Kerry's goodbye

Teacher of the Year Nominee: Mrs. Tressa Norris

Congratulations to Tressa for her Teacher of the Year nomination: a teacher who works tirelessly to not only give our students the best library/class/school experience possible, but loving and nurturing them while she's doing it. We are lucky to get to call her a colleague and a friend!
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Bragging About Domain 4 for our Teacher Evaluations

We talked last year about having check-ins throughout the year for collecting artifacts for Domain 4 for our teacher evaluations. I am attaching the Domain 4 Resources we used last year, not to have to do anything with, but as a reminder that these are the things we are doing already and to just keep track of them so you can brag about them later :).

So Mystery Skype happened...

and it was awesome! Terri's 1st grade class from Mrs. Libercci's class Skyped a 3rd grade class in Colorado. The classes each sang a song about their state and then asked each other questions to try to figure out where their location was in the United States. It took some pre-planning and map gazing, but it was adorable, fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Who's next?!

Mystery Skype - Music 1-13-16

Baby, it's cold outside...SO: use Go Noodle!

The weather is cold. Well, most days. If you see your kids need a break to shake their sillies out, Go Noodle can solve your problems. If gives your students a quick, active brain break. And then instruction resumes. Michelle Chrisakis uses it often!!

Risky Business: The Frustrations of a 5th Grade ELA Teacher

The ELA office seems to like infographics. That's why they build them into the curriculum as projects for the students. Our 5th grade ELA teachers took a risk this week trying to use a website ( to have the students created an infographic as an actual graphic designer would. worked. Then it didn't work. Then we had to figure out loop holes. Then it worked and then still didn't work. The teachers were frustrated. The teachers wanted to give up. It was a waste instructional time. The teachers gave the kids paper and pencil. The teachers didn't give up. We emailed Michael Fort. We tried to continue to troubleshoot. Some kids got on. For some it is working. And they are going with it.

For some, they are being inspired to persist, troubleshoot, and now maybe we even have the next best graphic designer.

Vertical Planning

Personally, I thought vertical planning was a success. I am still working on summarizing all of the notes, but the discussions were positive and focused on the gaps and how we can fix them. If you have any feedback, please let us know!! It would be great to do this again in the future.

Bird University??!! Are you there?

JVE Bird U

I know it's been crazy busy. Just wanted to check in and offer support with any individualized PD you may want to do or have done.

Your feedback is appreciated. It can even be an anonymous letter with magazine letters glued to a piece of paper. We can't change something if we don't know what to change.

CPD credit is still on the table. Remember, if you are doing BU in any capacity, you will have to complete a reflection for each PD you attend or present in order to receive credit.

Aren't they the best?!

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Padonia Ale House and Michael Fort's Band

Friday, Feb. 5th, 8pm

63 East Padonia Road


Don't Stop: Baltimore's Premier Party Band

Who wants to go? I do. And I want to Uber home. Any takers?