Francisco Pizarro

Isabel Geter

Explorer Background

Francisco Pizarro was born on 1476 in Trujillo, Spain to a poor farmer (Father) and to a humble heritage mother. His education wasn't really that good he didn't know how to read or write. When Francisco was little he heard a tale about adventure that made him want to travel and discover town and places. His first adventure was with Alonzo De Ojeda.


Francisco over through Atahualpa and conquered Peru which lead to him being the ruler of part of Peru. He also founded the city of Lima which of the city of gold, silver and bronze! Francisco won the battle of Las Salinas! Francisco Pizarro also discovered Incus

Evaluation: Impact on the world OR the world now

Francisco Pizarro wasn't a big impact on this world except for taking over Peru and finding the land of gold, sliver, and bronze. Some people say he was a very bad man and un trust worthy. Some people think he massacred their forebears.
Francisco Pizarro - Mini Biography