Eagle Entries...

Whitaker Elementary .............. September 21, 2015

Just a few notes...

School days are full and active. Here is a short newsletter highlighting a few areas. You can follow specifics on the school calendar.

The 3-5 SOAR day last Friday was a big hit and I imagine that K-2 students will enjoy this Friday's trip to the YMCA. Thanks to Joy Googe for leading this effort and all the parent volunteers. Supporting academic practice in the summer is a worthy work!

Parent support and engagement makes a significant contribution to the success of each child's progress. Our partnership in the pursuit of a strong school experience is an effort worth our commitment.

Sharon Creasy


Our Coupon Book Sale

Thanks in advance for supporting our coupon book sale. The wonderful thing about this product is that it pays for itself! Visits to places like The Porch, Mellow Mushroom, Brynn's, The Loop or Kersey Valley and you are saving money before you know it!


  • Free GoPlaySave book for every 5 sold & cash bag pull.
  • Three great top seller prizes - see flyer for details.
  • Prizes for top classes in each grade level.

This book is offered by a locally owned and operated business. Sales help our school and our local businesses - a win-win. Thanks for supporting the sale!

2nd Early Dismissal Day - September 30th

An important reminder for our parents and students. The second Early Release Day, built into our school calendar, providing time for professional development is Wednesday, September 30th.
  • Students will be dismissed at 12:25.
  • Lunch will be served prior to dismissal.
  • Be sure your child’s teacher is aware of any change in how your son or daughter will go home at dismissal.

Early Release days are:

  • September 30th
  • October 14th
  • February 24th
  • March 23rd
  • April 20th

Stand Up / Step Up - Bullying Prevention Awareness Walk

Students, parents and staff are invited to the annual school and community Walk to Stop Bullying on October 10th at 8 am at the BB&T ballpark. This Stand Up / Step Up walk is designed to help us keep the chain reaction of kindness going in October, Bullying Prevention and Awareness month. Hope you will mark your calendar, plan to wear Whitaker gear and walk with Wes, our eagle mascot, as we represent our school in support of the cause.

Prevent Lost & Found

When cooler weather begins, so begins the wearing of sweaters and jackets. Students, especially the younger ones, are not good at keeping up with these or recognizing their clothing. Please mark your child's outer wear, lunch boxes and the like. It will improve chances of them finding their way back home.

The Lost and Found box is located in the lobby if you are looking for something.