Room 3 News

News for the Week of November 5

What we will be learning:

Language Arts Unit 2, Week 3: Our Neighborhood and Where We Are on the Map.

Vocabulary: amazed, frequently, service, useful, variety

Words to Know: live, many, out, place

Grammar: irregular plural nouns (leaf/leaves, woman/women, tooth/teeth,mouse/mice)

Spelling Words: spill, grab, grass, trap, trip, men, let, out, many

Math- Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction Fact Concepts to 12

Writing: write a report about where we live

Upcoming Events:

11/6 SSF PTO Sponsored Boutique

11/7 Star Party with Mr. Kyle at 6pm on the SSF playground

11/12 Veteran's Day, not school

11/13 Book Fair starts in the Media Center

11/14 Our International Feast in Room 3 at 12:10. Please go to the class Wiki to sign up.

Go to Sign in with your child's name and password.

11/17 starts our week off for Thanksgiving

Thank you for joining me during Parent/Teacher Conferences. It was fun to celebrate the children in Room 3. If at any time you have a question or a concern please feel free to email or call me. We are a team!


Sharon O'Brien