Cover Up

John Feinstein

Reviewed by Chris Grade 5

Cover Up by John Feinstein



Summary: Steve and Susan Carol are 14 year old kid reporters. They are covering the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Before they get to have fun, they have to figure out a mystery about steroids. They find out that the Dreams offensive line took steroids, and that’s been helping them to get to the super bowl. Doctors tested everyone before the playoffs for drugs, but no one tested positive. Steve and Susan Carol that a doctor must have helped the offensive line, by not telling anyone that the offensive line tested positive. Can Steve and Susan Carol solve the mystery, or will it be too late?

Opinion: I think this is a great fiction book. I personally like mystery books, so that’s a reason I like this book. This book is not that hard to understand, so that makes this book easier to read. The thing I like the most about this book is that it’s about sports, and I love sports. This is the best book I’ve ever read, including all genres.

Recommendation: I recommend this to all 5th graders, girls and boys. This is a good book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. If you like a quick change at the end of a book, than this is a good book for you. If you like sports, then you will like this book. I recommend this book to people who like all of this stuff I just mentioned, and the rest of the series.