Unsolved Syracuse Case Updates

End Of The Year Special

To the living - we owe respect, to the dead - we owe truth...

For The Year 2015...

We have 11 unsolved homicides out of a total (so far) 23 homicides for this year.

19 homicide victims this year are African American, 3 are Hispanic, one's race is unknown at this time.

(16 victims were 25 or younger.... Let that one sink in for a moment.)

Names and ages:

Kendell Williams -23 years old

Anthony Lebron - 3 months old

Paul Newman - 20 years old

Kareem Dickerson - 21 years old

Tyquan Jones - 15 years old

Richard Fabrizio - 49 years old

Gary Paris - 27 years old

Charvin Turner - 25 years old

Jarvis Shields - 21 years old

Jameel Owens - 32 years old

Rayquell Jones - 19 years old

Azhawn Harvey - 20 years old

Trevon Anderson - 25 years old

A'nickalus Hill - 32 years old

Eli Morales - 34 years old

Shomer Brown - 2 years old

Ramsi Uthman - 18 years old

David Stiner - 71 years old

Marcos Carrasquillo - 23 years old

Zavion Escobar - 15 years old

Tony Guyton - 25 years old

Kingston Ellis - 32 years old

Devante Combs - 22 years old

Case Updates:

Anthony Lebron - Father charged (Felipe Lebron) Has an upcoming court date set for January 8, 2015 in front of Judge Uplinger. The last court date he attended the judge decided his confession could be used in trial.

Gary Paris - Daniel Jones charged - Still waiting extradition from North Carolina, He does not show up in either jail roster.

A'nickalus Hill - Harry Shelton charged - Has a court date scheduled for February 18, 2016 in front of Judge Aloi. An indictment number does show up.

Shomer Brown - Ramisi Truitt charged - Ramisi Truitt Has now been charged with manslaughter and has a court date set for January 5, 2016 in front of Judge Fahey. Truitt had previously been charged with assault shortly after Shomer Brown was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries while he was in her care. Shomer succumbed to his wounds several days later. Charges have been upgraded and she will be arraigned for First degree manslaughter at her next court date.