5 Religions

These are the top 5 most followed religions on earth.

Christianity ✝

Christianity is a well know religion all over the world.

Their are many holidays celebrated by Christians such as...

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Good Friday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • Valentines day
  • Mardi gras
  • St. Patricks day
Christians usually go to church on Sunday to pray or give thanks to god.

Most Christians are baptized when they are younger or older.

Christians book: the Holy bible was first finished written in 94 A.D

Christians are monotheistic; they believe in one god (god)

Christians believe that Jesus is gods son.

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Islam ☪

Islam also is a very we'll know religion especially in the Middle East.

Muslims celebrate the following holidays..

  • Eid al-fatir (small eid)
  • Eid al-adha (big eid)
  • Mawlid al-nabi (Muhammeds birthday)
  • Ramadan (fasting)
Muslims are monotheistic: the god they believe in is Allah

Muslims holy book is the Quran el Kareem (the holy Quran)

- Muslim woman are supposed to cover themselves with a hijab (a scarf)

- Muslims usually pray five times a day but before they pray they should do wadu (water)

Five pillars of islam

- Salat (Prayer)

-Somn (Fast)

-Hajj ( Pilgrimage)

-Zakat (charity)

Jesus is known as Essa a prophet for muslims

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Judaism ✡

some jewish holidays include...

  • Hanukkah
  • Purim
  • Passover (Pesach)
  • Festival of booths

Judaism is a monotheistic faith (one god) jews name their God 'Yahweh' and they believe He is the sole creator of the universe.

the book for Judaism is the Torah, Tanakah written in hebrew originally.

Jewish people usually go to a synagogue or a temple (place of worship and study)

a kippah is usually shown on a mens head if they are jewish (this shows respect to god)

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Hinduism ૐ

The following are some hindu holidays...

  • Holi
  • Mahashivaratri
  • Krishna Jayanti Raksābandhana
  • Kumbh Mela
  • Ganesha-Chaturthi
  • Dassera
  • Navaratri
  • Diwalli

Hindus are polytheistic they believe in more than one god. (ganesha, maya, ram, indra, ganga, and much much more)

hindu practices / belief:

namaste greeting (both hands together)

a church for hindus would be the temple.

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Buddhism ☯

Some Buddhist holidays/festivals/ceremonies include...

  • Buddhist New Year
  • Vesak or Visakah Puja ("Buddha Day")
  • Magha Puja Day (Fourfold Assembly or "Sangha Day")
  • Asalha Puja Day ("Dhamma Day")
  • Uposatha (Observance Day)
  • Pavarana Day
  • Kathina Ceremony (Robe offering ceremony)
  • Anapanasati Day
  • Abhidhamma Day
  • Loy Krathong (Festival of Floating Bowls)
  • The Ploughing Festival
  • The Elephant Festival
  • The Festival of the Tooth
  • Ulambana (Ancestor Day)
  • Avalokitesvara’s Birthday (Kuan Yin)
  • Bodhi Day (Enlightenment Day)

Buddhist are usually very calm and peaceful. Buddhist people believe that their is no one supperior god. They have many gods/ people to worship such as...

It is hard to say if buddhim is a polytheistic or apatheist because they worship the people listed above but they dont believe they are gods. Many buddhist say that they arent gods so i think they would be classified as apatheist.

If you are a traditional buddhist you would wear a robe or in their words a "Civara".

here are some do's and do nots to keep in mind if you ever visit a buddhist temple:

  • Cover yourself ladies.
  • Always bring a wrap or a large scarf to cover yourself.
  • Do not wear shorts. You should be covered down at least below your knees.
  • Keep your head below Buddha statues, images, honorable Monks and Nuns.
  • Do not touch Buddha statues, images, Monks, Nuns and elders. (especially on the head)
  • Take off your slippers or shoes before entering the temple

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