Celebration of Learning at Home!

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th February 2016

St Joseph's Institution International Elementary School

Books are coming home...

This weekend we will be sending home a sample of your child's books for you to both sit together and review in the peace and quiet of the family home. We trust that by having the books over the weekend, families will be able to spend some quality time reviewing the learning and celebrating the efforts and achievements made.

Tomorrow your child will have with them a zip-lock bag containing:

  • some of their workbooks,
  • a information letter for parents,
  • a reflection sheet

Book Bags are due back to school on Monday 29th February

We ask that parents ensure that the book bag is returned to school on Monday so that lessons can resume as normal with the books available in class. Please support this request and we appreciate your commitment and effort.

The information letter that will be included in the book bag, will provide you with information about the purpose of this initiative, and how we suggest parents conduct the experience with their child.

This Celebration of Learning should be supportive, enjoyable and motivating for your child.

Please complete the reflection sheet together with your child. This sheet is designed to be for your child, but we ask that these are returned to school on Monday with the book bags so that we can use them as talking points in the classroom.

These reflections should be returned together with the book bag on Monday.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Hazlewood