MySciLife Story

Our Story!

I teach in a small district in Northeast Iowa. We have a very diverse town for our size, somewhere around 2500 people or more at this point. Depending on the year, we may have students that speak little to no English or they may be just about ready to exit out of ESL. These challenges keep us on the go all year round!

I tried my first year with MSL in a small class that had 16 students, originally. A few ended up being pulled out for ESL. I had several students in that class that had been exited out of ESL, as well as our other general population.

I am glad that I chose to work that particular bunch. It was a great class to get experience with this program.

Good Things!

  • Students really committed to their characters!
  • They had lots of fun!
  • Students that are more shy or introverted had more of a "voice" to share out than they normally might.


  • Students could connect with others and push their work to another level
  • Students felt like they were part of something special
  • Several students participated in Spotlight Day on STEM in UNI-The video is a display of much of our work from the genetics unit
  • Students get to work on global citizenship skills
  • The modules are very adaptable to students at different levels

Goals & Dreams!

  • I want my students to really connect with other students at a higher level this year!
  • I want to push students to work at a high level
  • I want students to become more independent in their learning