Andrews 5th Grade Choir

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LAST UPDATE - 11/29/16


Since they 5th graders were away at camp and we have a performance this weekend, we'll be having choir on Friday after school. Timing will be the same (2:45-3:45pm). I need to rush off to a school event right afterward, so please pick-up on time. Thanks!


This Saturday, the choir is scheduled to sing the Lantern Light Festival at Heritage Farmstead at 6:30pm. Here are the details you need:

  • Each singer and 1 parent gets in for free (no need to register)
  • Any additional tickets needed can be bought in advance for a discounted rate. Follow this link:
  • Choir members need to meet me in the "Implement Barn" (see map you'll be given as you enter) at 6:00pm for warm-ups.
  • What to wear: Chances are it'll be pretty cold. Coats may stay on, but they're welcome to wear any holiday-themed hat/headband they want (i.e. antlers, Santa/elf hats). For clothing, anything red/green/blue would be great!


I have experimented with the practicing resources and have the best luck when I use my desktop computer and through Chrome (not Explorer, Safari, etc.). Try that and see if it helps! On my phone, I was able to get it to work after I DOWNLOADED it. If you get the error message, try that. I had to refresh it once or twice, but it finally worked!


Winter, Bring Me Home

Schedule of Events

Rehearsals (Mondays after school until 3:45 pm):

September 12, 19, 26

October 3, 17, 24, 31

November 7, 14

Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 21-25)

December 2 (That's a FRIDAY!), 5, 12

Winter Break (no choir after new year)


November 12 - National Anthem performance at TX Legends basketball game (evening)!

December 3 – Heritage Farmstead (Saturday)

December 12 – Concert at Andrews

December 16 - Spirit Assembly performance (K-2 & 3-5)

Winter Break (no choir after new year)

May 15 – End of the Year Party (for 4th/5th grade choirs) at Amazing Jake’s

Sarah Riordan, Music Specialist

Ms. Riordan has been teaching at Andrews since 2008 and loves giving her students every choir opportunity she can. Please let her know if you have any questions!