Types of Production

Eva Jones

Four types of production

Subsistence Agriculture

Also know as Subsistence Farming, is one way things are produced in Traditional economy. Subsistence farming is where one only produces enough for he or she to feed their family. Leisurely, describes the economic growth. (Leisurely means

acting or done at leisure; un hurried and relaxed ... slow)

Below you will find a example of subsistence agriculture.

Cottage Industries

Like subsistence agriculture, Cottage Industries is another way thing are produced in a Traditional economy. Cottage Industries is where one uses he or she spare time to weave cloths, furniture, clothes and etc ... (by hand). In the Cottage industries, it requires the whole family to pitch in to make what is necessary for their family and for others in the surroundings.

For example, below I have provide a picture.

Commercial agriculture

Commercial agriculture is another way of producing in a Free enterprise economy.

Commercial agriculture is where a farmers grow food not just for them self, but to sell to others. Crop production is intended to be ship to supermarkets and grocery stores.

Example shown below.

Commercial industries

A Commercial industry is a type of industry that deals with the commercial production and sale of goods and services. They provide the supply to manufacturing industries and buyers can buy to their heart is content.

Example picture below.

Commercial industries

How they make it then ship it everywhere to grocery stores and etc ..

Ben and Jerry ice cream.

How is ice cream made at Ben & Jerry's? by Curiosity Quest