Acid Rain

By the burning of fossil fuels

What are fossil fuels and why are they burned?

Fossil Fuels are natural gasses such as coal, oil, and other gasses. They are burned to make energy help fuel our cars, heat our houses, and used on your everyday gas stove.

What is acid rain and what causes it?

Acid rain is rainfall that is polluted in the atmosphere and could harm the environment. Acid rain is formed by the fossil fuels being burned and get sent into the atmosphere and pollute the clouds and that is what cause the acidic rain.

What are the negative effects of acid rain on the environment?

The effects of acid rain on the environment is when the rain precipitates down from the atmosphere, and the acidic rainfall can fall into our lakes and soil in which it pollutes these areas, and can hurt the organisms within the environment.

What can be done to prevent acidic rain?

We can use more electric based stoves and cars so that we do not have to burnt he fossil fuels which pollutes the atmosphere. Also we can start to use solar panels instead of the electric companies using fossil fuels to create heat and other necessities.
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