Layne McCalmont Period 1

The Amazing Aspects of Sweden!


After taking a not so long plane trip, enjoy Alpine skiing, mouth-watering seafood, and fun sports like hose back riding. If you are tired of the hot, and sticky weather in Texas, take a trip to Sweden to enjoy the cold weather and luxoriuous views. Come be in the family of 7.6 million Swedes today!

Religions in Sweden

Economy and Languages

Language Spoken in Sweden

The majority of people in Sweden speak Swedish but there are some small Sami- and Finnish- speaking minorities. Some phrases that you need to know when you come to Sweden are Hallå (Hello), adjö (Goodbye), Hur mycket? (How much?), Var är toaletten? (Where is the bathroom?), and Var är maten? (Where is food?).

Type of Government

Sweden's type of government is a Constitutional Monarchy. A Constitutional Monarchy is a government that is ruled by a king or queen whose power is determined by the nation's constitution and laws. Right now they have a Prime Minister, and both a King and Queen. The King is Carl XVI Gustaf, the Queen is Silvia Renate Sommerlath, and the Prime Minister is Fredrik Reinfeldt.


Sweden's currency is the Swedish Krona. One dollar of our money is worth six dollars and forty six cents in Swedish Krona.

Interesting Facts


If you want to play sports, head on up to Sweden. It has nice weather all year and the people who live there are very active and fit. Some of the sports played in Sweden are horse sports, ice hockey, and football. Sweden is also a place where many major sport events have been held, including the 1912 Summer Olympics, 1992 UEFA European Football Championship, and the 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup.


Because the people in Sweden are active and healthy, they have a very balanced diet. Their food consists of many different kinds of fish and vegetables. Some of the alcoholic beverages are served with crayfish during the celebration Kräftskiva. Another type of food that Swedes enjoy eating are their famous Swedish meatballs.


A lot of people come to visit Sweden because of its luxurious sites. One of the sites that has an amazing view is Lake Siljan. If you go see Lake Siljan when the sun is going down, you will be amazed at what you see. The views there are terrific and breath-taking.

Yearly Celebratory Event

The yearly celebratory event in Sweden is Kräftskiva, which is celebrated in August. In this time, there are a lot of dinner parties that are hosted and Swedes gobble down delicious crayfish and the adults sip their snap (an alcoholic drink).

Museums and Day-Trips

If you enjoy going to cold places and having a lot of fun even though the weather outside is hotter than it is inside, you should go see the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Artists from around the world have come and created this masterpiece. The hospitality is warm but, of course, the walls are made of ice!