Truitt Triumphs over STAAR

Brain based Tests taking Strategies

Creating Learners

As we are teaching and preparing students to be ready for the upcoming exams, we will be presenting advisory lessons to the students that involve some simple activities that brain research shows can increase brain function and enhance learning opportunities. These are simple and easy for the students to use. Familiarize yourself with these and use some in your classrooms over the next few weeks so the students can learn to be active participants in their learning abilities. You will also be seeing these in advisory activities over the next few weeks.

Catch your breath

Deep breathing techniques that help students focus. If students learn to control their breathing, they can calm their brain and better concentrate for testing, learning situations.

Thymus Thump

The brain needs a constant flow of energy through the body to remain alert. As a stuident begin to get bored during class or test taking, it can be helpful to re-energize the brain. The thymus thump can be helpful in sending bursts of energy to the brain. By thumping lightly on the middle of the chest bone, research says we can awaken the thymus gland sending a burst of energy that helps us to concentrate. Like stopping to take a breath, this is just another simple way to get our brain refreshed.

State Changes

One of the biggest impacts a teacher can have on learning is impacting the state of the learner
  • Ask students to interact with a neighbor
  • Associate action to your lesson
  • Students get restless from too mush sitting, ask them to move from time to time
  • Memory improves with walking