King, Queen, Emperor, and Empress


Monarchy is when either a Queen, King, Emperor, or Empress is in control of that country.

Who is the head of this government, What are the powers of this person, How are they chosen:

The head of this type of government is either a King, Queen, Emperor, or Empress. Some of the powers that these people have are first if all being head of state. Also leadership, wealth, Restrict people of speaking bad things about them, Some countries and states have the power to limit their monarchies. This person that runs this government is chosen by the family that means if the king has a son then when he dies the sons becomes the new king.

How are the laws made? who is in the legislature?

One example could be Great Britain. They have parliament for their main legislature body. The parliament is part of the legislative branch so it also passes laws.

What right do citizens have? Can they vote?

There are different types of monarchy but I'm going to talk about absolute monarchy. Absolute Monarchy is constitutional,Citizens do not have rights because they have to follow the rules that either the King or Queen chooses.

Examples of countries that have a form of Monarchy: Australia, Belgium, Monaco, Japan, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Thailand.