Some friendly immunization reminders for next year:

11th grade students will need for their senior year, a 2nd dose of Meningococcal vaccine OR 1 dose after age 15 years if they haven’t had a dose.

6th grade students will need for 7th grade, a dose of Tdap and a dose of Meningococcal vaccine.

Preschool students: Most preschool students will need updates of immunizations for Kindergarten in the fall.

Other friendly reminders:

9th grade students: a dental exam is required for 9th grade. Please turn in a dental form for your 9th grader if you have not done so. An exam within the past year will work.

3rd grade students: a vision exam is required. Please turn in a vision exam form for your 3rd grader if you have not done so. An exam within the past year will work.

Dress for the weather:

  • With the weather changes, please make sure your student has what they need: coat, snowpants, boots, hat, and gloves.

  • West and Northstar families: please put an extra set of clothes (pants, underwear, socks, shirt) in your student’s backpack. It’s nice to have extra clothes for a spills, wet socks, discomfort, and playground accidents.

  • We have been blessed with many donations of coats, hats and gloves, and even some snowpants and boots. Please let me know if your students needs any of these items.

Healthy Schools Project

The 4th grade students are going to participate in the Healthy Schools – Healthy Students project, an opportunity from the Iowa Department of Education’s Team Nutrition program that aims to empower elementary students through nutrition education, healthy school environments, and promotion of school meals.

Serving Up MyPlate lessons will be delivered in the classrooms once a month (November – April) by Ms. Mary Strawberry (alias Mary Hanna). Along with the lessons, taste testing opportunities of fruits and vegetables will occur. Each month an article will be sent home about the lesson. Be sure to ask your child what they learned and ideas they may want to try at home! Visit for a collection of MyPlate tools.

Notifications for School Delays & Cancellations

In order to receive notifications regarding weather cancellations and/or delays or changes to district activities, please subscribe to the GovDelivery service. Signing up is easy at: Screenshots are pictured below of the subscription process.

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2nd graders are pictured during their recent walnut harvest.
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This quarter 5th graders welcome a student teacher to Northstar. Ms. Deppe is a student at Central College. So far she has worked with students on a flag essay project and is leading a small group of reading. In the next few weeks she will be teaching all the fifth grade language arts class. Welcome to Northstar Ms. Deppe.

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The 6th graders have had a great start to the school year so far! In Social Studies, we are just about to wrap up our unit about Mesopotamia. This week we talked about the importance of language to a civilization. We also discussed the very important job of being a scribe. The 6th grade students experienced being a scribe by writing their initials on “clay” tablets in the first style of writing called cuneiform. The students had a great time using the magic clay and showing their parents their masterpieces at Parent-Teacher Conferences. Here is a link to some great pictures from that day!

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KHS Spring Musical Audition Breakdown and Participation Rules/Expectations

In the PDF's below, you will find the audition information and a character breakdown for the KHS Drama Department Spring Musical, Little Shop of Horrors!
  • Oct 27th we will have a workshop from 10am-noon(location TBD) at this workshop I will be available on a first come first serve basis to help you select audition materials if you are needing assistance.
  • Nov 10th we will have a MOCK AUDITION WORKSHOP from 10am-noon in KPAC where you will get the opportunity to run your audition pieces for feedback, you will also be able to have a mock interview if you are interested in a backstage position. NO DECISIONS WILL BE MADE FROM THIS WORKSHOP.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email or text 515-554-1243.

Looking forward to getting our Drama ON!

Heidi Feldman, KHS Drama Director


Haunted House Supporting Your Life Matters


Friday October 26th & Saturday October 27th (7p-10:30p)

WHERE: 913 N 7th St, Knoxville

*Storms may cause cancellation of these events

For more information, please contact Tina at (641) 891-9334.

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Marion County Food Coalition Calendar October 2018

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