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March 5-9, 2018

from J-

I hope this finds you well. Many of you will be filling your learning and professional buckets at MAESP this weekend. Looking forward to starting that with recognizing Lora Hopper at the Missouri Distinguished Principal Banquet on Saturday night.

A recent story by Steve Pokin (find here) may prompt a few parents or community members testing your doors. Between the story and the recent anxiety around school safety, please ensure access to your school is safe by having the door's locked and making all check in through a secure protocol.

For those of you with openings, you will see they will start going up. Thank you to those who have been part and/or impacted in the internal transfers and are receiving new staff family.

Have a great week working your magic in your schools. Let me know how I can support-

Big kid at heart!

Check it out... our own Sunny D in the paper! I still want to be like him when I grow up.

Why Heroic Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever

What's your brand of heroic leadership?

from Bret-

The Learning Coach agenda is here. We had a good discussion about their roles in assisting you in shaping school culture based on this article.

Another principal set up a great discussion surrounding the FRL/Discipline data shared with you last week and found here. The protocol was taken from the Making Thinking Visible book by Ritchhart, Church & Morrison.

Here is the protocol:

1. Independently look at the discipline data (5-7 minutes)

2. After the 5-7 minutes is up, respond to the prompt at your table as a group. Choose a recorder to write your thoughts.

3. Rotate to the next Chalk Talk page and repeat the process.

4. Return to your original page and summarize the thinking there and be prepared to share.

She then provided sample real discipline issues referred to the office and asked groups of teachers to sort as Major or Minor.

5. Read each scenario.

6. Decide as a team whether the incident is ‘major’ or ‘minor’.

7. Sort each scenario into the two categories and discuss.

If you want more specifics about this activity, call me.

Senior followed by Elementary Leadership Team

Wednesday, March 7th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

Welcome March! Anybody else think this was accurate of February?

Big picture

Professional Day (end of 3rd quarter) preceding Spring Break

Friday, March 9th, 8am

district wide

Enjoy the much needed professional day with your staff :)