Road Trip in the USA


Let's go, for the USA! By the clipper.

We will get to the clipper from Korea to America. Clipper has huge deck and many sail, so it is very fast. But it is troblesome because it costs too much money to operate.

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Have you ever got in a Bumblebee? We can do it!

We will get to the Bumblebee. Do you know Bumblebee? He is main character of Transformers. He is very faithful. Unfortunately, he can't speak but he tell mind using radio program. He will protect us very safely. Of course dose not cost of oil is the cream of the crop.

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What music will we listen to on our road trip?

We will listen to Boys like girls's "The grate escape". We like lyrics looking for freedom. Especially, We like “We'll make the grate escape".

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

Next, we will listen to Linkin Park's "What I've done". We like part of song "What I've done. I'll face myself. To cross out what I've become. Erase myself. And let go of what I‘ve done.".

Linkin Park - What I've Done

We like a band music, because it is exciting and just for love!

Who are we?