woman suffrage

what is woman suffrage?

Women suffrage is the time when women belived they should have rights just like men. this includes voting, owning homes and land, jobs etc. International Women Suffrage Alliance was formed in 1904 to gain voting rights for women. they also fought for equal civil rights for women. important suffragist like lucy stone and antoinette brown impacted the female organizers of the Senca Fallls Convertion.

some important women invalved were Alice Paul. she was the leader of most militant wing of woman suffrage movement. Also Lucy Stone was a pioneering abolitionist and women's rights activist. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was also a very imortant women in the women suffrage era. She was the foremost women's rights activists and philosopher inthe 19th century.

Most people where against women rights because most poeple felt women should be a stay at home mom and wify and tend to the family. now personally i feel that is the dumbest things said on this planet earth. Not that there is anything wrong with a woman not working and tending to the family but when people see that as the only thing a women is worth that is a problem. A woman can do stuff the same as a man. we can work and make money for the family etc. so i feel that the whole debate about women not being able to own anything and not being able to vote was very unfair.

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone was born August 13, 1818 in west Brookfield Massachusetts. she went to Oberlin colleger, Holoke Seminary. she was a women's right activist. she was also a journalist. she married henrt blackwell in 1855 and had a daughter named alice stone blackwell. She supported the women's national loyal league which was founded by Elizabeth cady stanton in 1866. she helped found the AMerican Equal Rights Association. she was ekected president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Assosiation. Lucy died before women were premitted to vote. she died in Dorchester, Massachusetts, october 18, 1893.
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