Stock Market Tracking

By: Phil Gattorna

Gain/Loss & Ranking

Overall Gain/Loss: -$21,422.00

Ranked: 23rd


My purchase strategy was to buy rising stocks while they were still low. On the other hand, I simply sold stocks whenever it seemed hopeless that they still had a chance of making money.

Biggest Money Makers/Losers

Apple maintained a steady climb, and ultimately made the most. On the other hand, Atmos Energy Corp seemed to be on a rise, and ultimately lost all chances of profit, and lost upwards of 20,000 dollars.


Big time companies dealing in technology or clothing made steady climbs, while fluctuating market companies dealing in resources like oil or natural gas, rose and fell constantly.


I many times used Market Watch's sentiment scale, and journalist entries, to make decisions on what stock to invest in.


I learned how quickly the market can fluctuate, including due to outside circumstances like holidays, earnings reports, etc.