Special Incentive for you!!

You are on my 1st line therefore here's a

Jumpstart for ALL!

I’m reaching out to you b/c it’s a NEW YEAR and many of you have NEW GOALS! While you may have taken a break from your business in the past few months or year, or if 2014 is the year you're ready to build your business bigger and better, than I’d LOVE to share with you a fun incentive to make the most of the next 60 days while we are ALL IN OUR JUMP START !

That's right, it's like we are ALL BRAND NEW stylists again! This new jumpstart is the BEST we’ve had in my opinion, and if you are interested in re-launching your business…this is the PERFECT time! If you had a BANNER jump start the first go around and just want to take advantage $100's-$1000s you can receive the second time around, or if you maybe didn’t do what you had hoped in your original jumpstart because life derailed you a bit (trust me it happens to many...it's just life), than this is your SECOND CHANCE and I’d love to help you re-launch or re-focus!


*Earn 10% in PC for sales $1000-$4,999

(Bonus: Sell a min of $1,000 in the 1st 30 Days and earn an extra $100 in PC!)

*Earn 15% in PC for sales $5,000-$9,999

*Earn 20% in PC for sales $10k +

*Earn $100 in COMMISSION for every NEW 1st line stylist that sells $1,000 in her jumpstart AND $100 for every new stylist your new stylists sponsors that sells $1,000 in her jumpstart

See below for my team incentive!!! I know we ALL love getting rewarded for our hard work and here's some more fuel to add to your fire!!

If you are concerned..I don’t have any of the new line yet…don’t fret. Our Top 10 Bestsellers are still from our previous collection, so you could literally hold a quick show THIS weekend if you wanted…start earning some FREE product credit and use that to invest in some of the new line if you wanted.

If you’ve missed S & D, if something has changed in your life and you are now wanting to earn extra income again, OR if you have been around but frankly, didn’t do all you had hoped, now’s YOUR time to do a repeat…and with my help…make THIS jump start exactly what you want it to be!

PLEASE respond back to this email if you are interested in re-launching/re-focusing, and I’ll connect with you to schedule a time to chat so I can best help you "brighten" your business around your life in 2014. Please review MY SPECIAL INCENTIVE FOR YOU BELOW, and REACH OUT with ANY QUESTIONS, GOAL YOU ARE SHOOTING FOR, ETC!



P.S. Look at what selling $1000 in January will get you when you host your own show...$500 in PC!!!